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ACCC – no Easter Petrol ripoff – LIES


An article appearing in the Herald Sun on 25 March 2008:,21985,23428275-664,00.html?from=public_rss
claims that motorists are not ripped off during Easter regarding petrol prices.

Motorist groups claim this is not the case. During EVERY festive season motorists are warned to fill up their tanks before the break, by the general media. The fixing of petrol prices has always been inflated over the norm during these periods. YET, the ACCC still blatantly LIES to the general public, that the prices are not inflated.

As quoted from the article ” He said the rapid drop in prices over Easter after the spike was also usual practice.” Why is this considered as normal?

The truth of the matter is that the Petro-Chemical industry is owned by a few people and controlled by a select group of individuals.

There is NOTHING a little ACCC, in a negligible economy like Australia, can do to the benefit of the Australian motorist.

The Australian Government surcharges a 60% tax on fuel.

The USA currently has approximately 5% of the World’s population, but consumes approximately 25% of the oil reserves.



Chiro Super fraud

Superannuation is a compulsory part of an employees salary package. Some schemes are better than others, but a usually accepted figure is 9% per annum. This figure is required to be put aside by the employer on an ongoing basis, every predefined period into the employees superannuation fund / account. The failure comply is punishable by law, as there are no excuses, as every business owner is aware of this fact.

A recent case come to mind, that one of a professional service, a Chiropractor’s clinic in Melbourne’s Collins St, failed to contribute to an employees super fund. The employee was not aware of this fact, and upon their departure, this was made evident.

The holding on to the super fund by the employer is illegal.

Funds held by the employer could be used to gain profit, e.g. in the stock market.

The employer was subsequently fined, and all interest paid back to the employee.