List of paedophile judges in New South Wales

Here are the contents of an email obtained:

(Illustration Chief Justice Tom Bathurst – New South Wales Supreme Court)



Dear Chief Justice Bathurst, Justice Hoeben, Justice Price, Justice Simpson other


I am writing to you all regarding the list of paedophile judges that I intended on

making a formal complaint about to the AFP, Australian Crime Commission, NSW

Crime Commission and Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse. The list is



Known paedophiles

Chief Justice Tom Bathurst – NSW Supreme Court

Justice Clifton Hoeben – NSW Supreme Court

Justice Derek Price – NSW Supreme Court (He is also Chief Judge of the NSW

District Court)

Justice Carolyn Simpson – NSW Supreme Court


Judge Richard Cogswell – NSW District Court

Judge Garry Neilson – NSW District Court

Magistrate Doug Dick – NSW Magistrates Court


Suspected paedophiles 


Justice Ian Harrison – NSW Supreme Court

Justice Lucy McCallum – NSW Supreme Court

Justice Peter Hall – NSW Supreme Court

Justice Michael Adams – NSW Supreme Court

Acting Justice Henric Nicholas – NSW Supreme Court (now retired)

Acting Justice Robert Hulme – NSW Supreme Court

Justice David Davies – NSW Supreme Court

Justice  Peter Garling – NSW Supreme Court

Justice Stephen Campbell – NSW Supreme Court

Registrar Rebel Kenna – NSW Supreme Court

Registrar Christopher Bradford – NSW Supreme Court

Source Supplied

6 Responses to “List of paedophile judges in New South Wales”

  1. Alan Geritz Says:


  2. Cheryl Terry Says:

    Anything on Victoria? Also magistrates in vic?

    • Corporate Australia Says:

      At the moment we have not had anyone prepared to make the list public knowledge, even though we are aware of its existence.

      From what we were told, Justice Lionel Murphy was involved in a sophisticated paedophile ring where victims were sourced from Queensland.

  3. helentastard Says:

    Two judges on the NSW list were involved in the 10 August 17 jailing of journalist Shane Dowling for contempt, probably for naming one of the judges (also listed above) who gave a light sentence to a pedophile priest, but the most relevant details suppressed. The published reason for jailing is for minor matter. SD is facing further charges while in jail with little or no means of communication. Great secrecy prevails. Present sentence is 4 mths with no parole. In reality SD is fighting fro freedom of speech under the Constitution. Please support him. He has a website referring to a Court which seems to belong to an Australian native animal with a pouch. Ican’t give the full name here lest my post disappear. HT.

  4. Craig frazer Says:

    That’s just New South Wales. Imagine all the others in the other Australian states

  5. Clark Kent Says:

    I have made the list Public, I took it also to our local Tamworth Courthouse, I asked a question about the list ,and I got arrested , the Paedophile enabling Sheriff lied her ass off and it is still going through court , they refuse thus far to give me access to video which will clear me in regard to handing out the lists ,which I would have done if there were more sheep there.

    They are all coward criminal scum and there day will soon be here, so please be ready. Paedophile Judges Paedophile Police Paedophile Priests Paedophile Teachers get the picture sheeple , all good is it sheeple , oh they haven’t raped your kids yet so you are not concerned ? oh I see Sheeple just drink fluoride and vaccinate and all will be good , don’t forget keep your dumbed down head firmly in the sand . Unlawful Gov, Unlawful Police , Unlawful Courts , she’ll be right mate no worries !

    The Australian Cowards association have many members,.

    This is a great site thankyou .

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