Rene Rivkin – Corporate Fraud, reward.

One name that comes easily into mind when one thinks of corporate fraud in Australia is that name, Rene Rivkin.
Being a person of influence one would expect one to have friends like doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians and the like, of course naturally some if not all being part of the boys club. This becomes more evident as more sequence of events unfold.

One of Rene’s rises to fame was that of a transaction which included the purchase of a company not its worth of $3 million dollars, then insuring it for $50 million, and then burning it down, naturally collecting on the way out.

An operation of such complexity cannot be carried out by one’s lonesome, and has to involve all sorts of people. Since there was no other option, than to lodge an inquiry into the matter, prior to Rivkin’s testimony (which would implicate others, eg. Politicians, insurers, etc), he conveniently committed suicide.

One of the most important facts that the mainstream media puts an unconditional blanket on is that the Anglo-Masonic law system, together with its peers realistically ‘rewards’ those so called ‘individuals’ who commit crimes against the ‘commoners’. In Rene’s case, he defrauded the Australian public of monies, through insider trading. The punishment served on Rivkin can only be described as a joke. The court system ‘punished’ Rivkin, with a weekend jail sentence, for nine months, which was postponed most of the time, supported by claims, with a doctor’s certificate, that he was unfit to serve jail time, yet he was not unfit to commit fraud.

The banning of his stock broking license mean absolutely zero, as he could entrust anyone to carry on his business deals.

This is a classic example of how corrupt the Australian legal system is, to the detriment of the Australian public, but to the benefit of the chosen few.



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