Legal Aid Victoria supports criminals

Amidst speculation and pressure that Legal Aid Victoria is in support of Criminals, there is mounting evidence, that public monies are spent on protecting criminals.


Conversely, a recent matter indicates that a client requested legal aid for being unlawfully dismissed from the workplace. The client alleged that sexual harassment, discrimination and victimisation occurred within a Telecommunications giant. The client requested legal assistance, and after many telephone calls, none of which were returned by Legal Aid Victoria, the response given, after the client made a complaint to the Attorney Generals Department, Rob Hulls, was that Legal Aid decided that the matter was not in the interest of the public.

Legal Aid seeks to protect criminals who murder people, where there is overwhelming proof of the alleged crime, whereas it’s not a matter of protecting the individual that raises a concern against a corporate giant, but as a result this would have implications within the Industrial Relations Law reforms, which would benefit the general public as a whole. This is clearly an action / matter / trend that the government does not want to see the light of day, as it will give more rights to the worker, a move that is detrimental to the corporate community.

This clearly indicates that the Legal Aid is designed to protect criminals.



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